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Mar. 14th, 2009

hair did

mid march saturday night

my little boy is bumping around all over my insides.
it feels like a heartbeat, rhytmic, but not entirely in sync or consistent.

how do i feel right now.
i'm happy. i'm optimistic. i'm loving my life right now.
truly, perspective is key in this life...

i could list infinite lines of worries and bore you to death with woes, but
when i think of these woes they are more like whines.
i have met and wed the love of my life. after 12 years i am happier than ever.
we complement one another wonderfully. we have learned the art of loving,
the art of conversation, the art of choosing battles. we have gone through
thick and thin a handful of times and each time brought new challenges.
i know that any future challenges are possible to overcome and that all we can
ever do is take things one day, one step at a time; whether it may take
5 steps or 500,000 steps, it is a matter of perseverance and patience.

i am allowing myself to revel in my current time of life.
i am having a baby.
i am having a baby with the love of my life.
i have waited years and years for this baby and
i am finally going to be able to meet him eye to eye, face to face, skin to skin, heart to heart.

our living situation is not ideal, but then again it is more than ideal.
today we had the chance to view some of the older apartments in the Marpole neighborhood
where we are currently living. i had high hopes, naive hopes... yes their prices ranged from
$780 - $900 compared to our $1200, but as much space as they provided, they were
1. not spacious enough to make up for their dinginess
2. spacious enough but way out of the question due to lack of upkeep

so for the time being, we are looking to reduce our furniture even further than we have
already done to free up all possible space until we find a solution to our living situation.
it seems the market is in a place wherein we MAY be able to afford to purchase rather than
throw our money away to rent.

at least this little guy will be fairly small and not inhabit a large area of space. if anything,
it will be his furnishings that we will be making extra room.

i can't complain. we are able to pay $1200, we have a new car, we have still managed to
make pricey clothing purchases, we have gone 10 steps beyond our past Value Village
shopping sprees and managed to live comfortably. there is no reason why we should not
be able to sacrifice here and there to accommodate the new financial changes we will soon
be faced with.

so i must be happy and grateful for all this.
if i complained about this situation, i should hope to be punished.
i am so very very lucky for all i have.
loving friends
loving family
good health

and i know i have so much more than this.

and perhaps i can begin to say that even in the loss of my dad, this simple emergence
of gratefulness for all i have is what has come out of this loss. i see more clearly what
is important in this life. i know where to look for happiness. i know where to look in
order to appreciate the things i have instead of looking in the dark for things that
i do not need. everything i could ever want is in my hands.

Sep. 4th, 2007

hair did

domestic waffle iron

uggghhh..... i don't wanna be at work more than ever.
morning has been pretty standard, no crazy things happening
albeit missed bookings which were handled reasonably quick.

so i have had my first lame "domesticating" experiences of which i am
taking close observations.

we had our first GORCERY SHOPPING experience last week which was
hilarious to me and frustrating as hell to kevin. we were able to
duck the "bachelor fridge" aka ALL CONDIMENTS hahahaha.

we did our first SHARED laundry which i was skeptical about due to my
sensitive/tender material clothings. but it turns out we both do two
loads which is basically light and heavy/work/denim with the additional

we made our first dinner last night. butter chicken. it was not as
spicy as we wanted but it was still good.

my sister made a last minute trip back for the long weekend. we went to
Hamilton Street Grill with all my cousins where we drank and took stupid
pictures, the usual. My sister then took Kev & I to AFTERGLOW where we
offed a pitcher of White Wine Lychee Sangria. This after blazing with
Jessica in the afternoon and packing in a huge lunch at the Reef.

currently rennovating our new bathroom.
going to IKEA this week/end to price out the dark textured bamboo tiles!!!


Aug. 31st, 2007

hair did

me and my snookums


me and rosemary in yaletown park, blazing and eating tapioca.
fucking this has been my only true SUMMER day
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hair did


i am so happy.
there are so many photos everywhere.
everyone had such a fantastic fun time.
everything went so well.

here are some photos from our photographers blog

i'm so happy right now... from the sandwich board, to the 3D, the gallery, ZOMBIE WALK,
cupcakes and decor, dancing, and the sexy garter number... could not have asked for more  :)

ps i have eaten a total of like 8 of my cupcakes this week.

Aug. 26th, 2007

hair did

WEDDING first batch of photos - care of my sister's friend


Dustin Bromley, I love you and I hope to god you are ok.
I am going to come visit you tomorrow even though you can't read this.

Aug. 22nd, 2007

hair did

in stitches

holy fuck.
i'm so excited.
you guys are going to get fucked in every orifice
you hold precious or nasty and you will love every second
begging for more on your knees like the little sluts you are......

Aug. 12th, 2007

hair did

surf city here we come!

fuckers. i "forgot" my phone at work TWICE this week, "forgot" because the first
time it was actually still in my bag. i'm a fucking loser. the second day Thurs i forgot it
and then was accidentally fit into SOMEONE ELSE'S dress!!!!!! i find this out on friday
alongside shipping out my shoes to exchange them for a smaller size, not realizing
"stephanie you need your shoes so they can hem your dress tomorrow to the shoes
will be wearing"

whatever. we used different shoes and it went swimmingly.
dress in white rock to vancouver
SO HAPPY TO SEE KARL BACK!!!!!!! she looked so happy and rested :)
went for lunch at The Reef with Karl JP Kim and Ian while kevin went to
get his hair cut and get a lame-ass shave from the Main/Fraser barbershop.

found skull scarves at Front & Company to wear at the reception woo hoo!!!!
300% cheaper than Alexander McQueen....

waited at Ladner Hospital from 5:30pm - 11:30pm for a fucking doctor to
look at kevin's eye for approximately 30 seconds. FUCK. wanker retards.

-wine labels

Aug. 9th, 2007

hair did

chocolate poisoning

after 14 months, i finally had my training day!

3 kinds of chocolate
1. coating
2. couverture
3. pure

lots of really bad and hilarious illustrations
stuffing myself like crazy in the sample room with premium chocolate
as well as suffering through the crappy econo chocolate

ending the day back in the boardroom talking about stripjoints hahaha


tummy ache

Aug. 8th, 2007

hair did


totally didn't consider possibly getting sick.
new boss and old boss and shipper/receiver all which
are within a 15 feet radius of me at all times are all sick.

one has a cough
one has what might develop into the flue
one has a viral infection from his wife

asian powers don't fail me now

Aug. 7th, 2007

hair did

i have to pee

i am achine with blue balls of madness to post photos of Lucy
but kevin will rape me with a spiked bracelet from 1999 if i do.

-pinata filled with condoms and chocolate
-almost died scaline 100 year old fallen trees on the closed off
section of the sea wall
-drinking and dancing to forget the sea wall

-dropped off music with dustin
-paid for cupcakes at Kreation (bought delicious hazlenut cookie brownies)
-dropped off chocolate fountain for danielle's wedding, hung out with
Danielle and her adorable as fuck little Jack
-getting hooked up with my cousin's friend who does wedding coord/planning
for extra help for set up
-currently working on GUESTBOOK layout

-dress fitting

-Danielle's Wedding!!!



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